Let Your Doors Have a Perfect Look with Proper Door Handles and Knobs

Door handles and knobs are considered some of the most important and irreplaceable parts of any home or business office. On the one hand, these hardware items are practical in use; on the other hand, they greatly enhance the interior look of home or office offering an impressing feel. It can be a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living-room or dining-room all of which should have a nice door with functional and attractive door handles and knobs. Since lately the use of different pieces of door hardware has become more as fashion statement, many people nowadays use them just for extra glamour and glitz in their house or office.

Types of Door Handles

In the broad sense, door handles are available in two basic types: external or outdoor and indoor or interior handles. The first ones are used for main entrances of the area such as a front door, back door, side or service door. And the latter are used for the doors located inside the house or office such as a kitchen, different rooms, a cabinet and a toilet door. There're also lever-type handles as well as external latches that have become extremely popular lately. The most popular types and designs of door handles and knobs are as follows:

Modern or Traditional

Many people are often asked with the question which door handles and knobs are better: modern or traditional? Well, a greater number of homeowners choose to decorate their doors with modern style door hardware, for instance, an attractive handle with a chrome finish and straight contemporary lines. At the same time, some people prefer traditional door handles and knobs with a polished antique brass finish. Usually they mount it against a beautiful back plate.

Unusual door handles and knobs

Small girls will undoubtedly like to have a pink room with fun cartoon designs on the walls as well as on the doors. On the other hand, kitchen door hardware may have the shape of vegetables and fruits.

More about Kitchen door handles ad knobs

If your kitchen has a wonderful designed, you can select functional and attractive kitchen cabinets with built-in drawers, organizers and sliding trays for it. Your kitchen will look even better with uniquely designed kitchen Door Hardware. You're recommended to find hammered knobs with back plate or Cage, Twister T, Shell, and Hammered Bow handles.

Materials used in Door handles and knobs

These pieces of door hardware are can be made of different materials including metal sheet, sheet aluminum alloy, cast brass, and wood. The handles made of cast brass may have a copper finish, bright satin finish or even antique finish. They can be also chrome or nickel plated. The handles produced from sheet aluminum alloy can have finishes such as matte, satin bright finishes, dyed, or natural finishes. It's worth mentioning that the metal sheet can have stove enameled finish or be copper oxidized. The wooden door handles and knobs are available in lever latch types with ornate and intricate carvings. A great number of users prefer to purchase door hardware pieces made of brass or metal for better durability.

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