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Designers are people who plan, analyze, and create visual solutions to communications problems. Their task is to find the most correct way of visually communicating messages in print, online and digital resources. Students involved in graphic design degree programs learn the principles and techniques of working with color, type, animation, illustration, photography, and many different print and computer layout techniques. It should be mentioned that graduates are nowadays in great demand for positions such as web page designer and publication designer, animator and multimedia designer illustrator, art director, etc.

It is a well-known fact that the field of Art & Design is many-faceted and gives its employees opportunities for personal growth and success to be reached in a number of various areas. There are different online programs available to students, ranging from an Associate Degree (which presumes two years of study) to a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA), look Each of these programs is meant for today's busy students leading a very vivid and active life who need to keep balance of their time distributed among school, personal, and professional responsibilities. Further you are suggested the information which will be helpful while making a very important choice of online Art & Design Degree Programs. You are going to learn more about the many Online Art and Design Degrees available and get to know what career options are open to art & design program graduates.

Art & design has always been an exciting, creative profession. Due to the explosive growth of online and digital media, demand for qualified designers has grown greatly lately. A Bachelor's degree in graphic design opens many possibilities before you. First of all you attain a solid foundation in graphic design principles that apply to all media, including print, online, film and video. Secondly, you acquire hands-on skills in color and composition, electronic imaging, typography, production and more. Thirdly, you get a diverse portfolio of your work that may include printed advertisements and brochures, web page designs, animations and interactive media designs, and other examples demonstrating your talents and catching the attention of creative directors and studio managers.

If now you are working in the design profession, a Bachelor's degree is going to distinguish you among your peers and suggest you much greater career options. Besides, average lifetime earnings of workers with a Bachelor's degree are twice higher than those of high school graduates.

Online accredited schools and universities suggest a wide variety of Bachelor's degrees that make it possible for you to concentrate on particular specialties, from print and advertising to web design and animation. Online Bachelor's degrees in graphic design include options in Advertising and General Graphic Design, Animation and Game Art and Design, Game Software Development and Computer Graphic Design, Web Application Development and Interactive Multimedia, Interior Design and Web Design & Multimedia, Visual Communications.

One of design fields which continue to grow in popularity is animation. Students willing to earn a degree in this area are going to have a good job growth over the next few years, but there is one negative factor - as with any widely-spread career, the competition for well-paying jobs will be fierce. Still, if you are sure in your knowledge and abilities, be ready for success. It is a well-known fact that gifted and creative animators will always be in high demand. An online animation degree combines usage of both paper and pencil and computer technology and gives basic knowledge of advanced drawing techniques. Highly-experienced instructors also teach how to make up storyboards and communicate with clients. Really successful and talented graduates will be able to work in computer animation studios, corporate marketing and media departments, or in big videogame companies. The online Bachelor's degree in graphic design is perfect for working adults who need maximum scheduling flexibility and program selection. This kind of education is also suitable for people want to complete their degree in less time than is usually required for on-campus programs.

One more popular choice for creative individuals whose dream is to work in the fashion industry is online fashion degree. Here careers may involve fashion design, jewelry design or merchandising, pattern making, etc. The profession of a fashion designer is very competitive and requires hard work, extremely long hours, and very often being able to hear direct criticism. For students specializing in merchandising, work may consist in dressing display models for stores as well as store windows or purchasing items at fashion shows. Merchandising courses may include everything from sketching and color theory to art and business classes. An online degree can be the first step towards great success for skilled graduates longing to observe their designs on fashion shows or in stores. Usually, such people seek to work in another area of this exciting industry and to combine it with merchandising.

Professional interior design is becoming increasingly important in an age where building space is extremely important for both work and relaxation. Interior design has many functions - it must be functional and meet building code requirements, and at the same time have aesthetic value. Being an interior designer is more than just cramming a room with furniture, although this can be also an aspect of the job. Interior design means meeting client's interests and needs, having perfect visual understanding of spatial relations, adapting to architectural blueprints, choosing suitable color combinations and lighting, and arranging many different elements to create not only functional design, but also a lovely aesthetic surrounding.

Interior designers are able to change the styles of our lives. They produce the surroundings of everything around us - beginning from the restaurants we eat at to the shopping malls and office buildings we go to. Airports, clubs, sports stadiums, practically everything we visit has its creator - an interior designer responsible for the appearance and structure of these locales.

Perspective students should know that today many opportunities are waiting for skilled and talented individuals in the field of interior design. An online interior design degree can be obtained either as an Associate Degree (2 years) or a Bachelor Degree (4 years). It is a well-known fact that persons who complete higher education degree programs have more chances to get better job positions and receive higher salaries. This concerns also the profession of an interior designer. Due to interior design programs students are prepared to work with different spaces, such as small apartments, and private residences and hotel rooms. The courses include a wide range of knowledge including that of color, layout, fabrics, and design theory, as well as the use of lighting and perspective. During the courses students are taught various ways of communication with clients and are also suggested practical courses, including business management. Nowadays, employers are searching designers who can professionally (i.e. green technology) use space, saving the style of a room. It is supposed that the need for talented interior design graduates will keep on growing in future.

There are many different web pages in the Internet. Any person who uses the Internet knows how important they are. Does a web site catch the eye? Is it easy to read? Is it simple to navigate? Web designers are the people responsible for creating the appearance of web pages. As a rule, specific clients have their own image of what their future web site will look like. No doubt, that the success or failure of a site greatly depends on its design. It may happen so that the web site is difficult to use or it even looks unclear. In this case few visitors will stay and try to gain an understanding of this site. Others will in a second shift to another web page. For people enjoying graphic design and working with computers, an online web design degree can become a good beginning of an exciting and rewarding career in this rapidly growing industry.

Students covering graphic design courses are taught web design basics and programs. Such courses will certainly improve your visual communication skills as well as verbal communication skills which are also very important as most web designers interact directly with clients. A good designer must be able to attentively listen to clients and then create web pages in order to meet interests of the client. Flexibility is quite important in the profession of a web designer, because the original design of a web site is yielded to numerous changes before it is finally made in a proper way.

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